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WERONIKA, the photographer + nomad

@marvelounar 4/5 committed to her flexlife ⠀ 9/10 feels confident she is living the lifestyle she wants everyday ⠀ 1 year and running⠀ Works freelance jobs locally as she travels ⠀ Inspired by @evazubeck

Weronika is from Poland, but she’s spent the last year traveling throughout Europe, mostly in Greece. She loves Greece because of the people. She says:

“It's incredible how easy it's been here for me to meet wonderful people and make friends.”

Weronika loves art, photography, watercolor painting and she works as a freelance photographer as she travels. Her flexlife is a life full of freedom; she chooses when and how many hours to work and she also spends time focusing on her hobbies.

She’s currently dreaming about having her own boat and showing people the beauty of different islands around the world.


Weronikia says:

“I wanted to travel full time for as long as I can remember. I created this lifestyle because I was tired of working full time and studying. Sometimes we need a push to change something in our life. I think the exhaustion of everyday life in Poland was my push.”

She saved up some money to start traveling last year and she started with the UK, Spain, Italy, and Greece, looking for a good place to spend some time. It was hard at the beginning, but after a few months, she started making money as a freelancer on the go. Now she is fully location independent which allows her to go where she wants, set her own schedule, and do what she loves everyday.

When asked if she thinks about going back, she says she doesn’t want to go back to Poland. But she does want to try living someplace cooler​ because, she thinks she stopped appreciating the summer while living in Greece.

#WORDSTOLIVEBY: Sometimes the perspective of dropping the life you don't want to live and leaving everything behind gives you the answer you need.

A day-in-the-life for Weronika includes working from her laptop editing pictures, swimming in the sea, taking pictures around sunset-time and dinner and wine with friends.

Weronika is most proud of how open-minded and fearless she’s become, since she started this adventure.

#MASTERTIPS: Just save up some money and go for it. There's nothing better than dropping everything and searching for yourself. You have no idea how freedom changes a human!

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