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TIPHAINE, the cycler + slow traveler


5/5 committed to her flexlife

9/10 feels confident she is living the lifestyle she wants everyday

4 years and running

Does other stuff to pay the bills

Inspired by @hi.martin.cycles

Tiphaine is living an alternative lifestyle since she does not identify as being career-based. She’s a travel addict and she goes out on the road whenever possible. She heads back home once in a while to work a few months and earn money in order to travel but since she likes to see the world slowly and cheaply, she doesn’t need much. She takes "small" jobs unrelated to her studies whenever she needs money and then she goes out and travels again.

Her flexlife kind of just happened; she didn't really plan it. After one year on a Working Holiday Visa in Australia, she needed to come back home to make some money, and then wanted to explore a lot more of this world. She continued like this since she feels it’s what works best for her. She hopes, over the long-term, she’ll be able to make money while traveling!

#THINGSPEOPLESAY People say: “You’re the one that never works.” “You’re the one that dares to do what you want.”

Tiphaine sometimes works 9-5 but then she knows that it's just a transition for a few months before going out on the road again. She says:

“I don't work to be rich, I work to make my dreams come true.”

When asked if she’ll ever change her ways and go back to a non-flexible life she says, “Not for now, but I don't exclude that one day I might want to settle down somewhere in the world instead of being on the move constantly."

#MASTERTIPS: Don't listen to what anyone else says, never mind if you don't fit in to your society’s expectations. Be honest with yourself and go after what you really want.

Tiphaine is most grateful that she’s free, without any long-term commitments. She is proud of being able to create a life this is different and against people's normal way of thinking but that makes her happy.

She is dreaming about being self-sufficient while traveling, by getting some sponsorships or earning some money via her blog.

#WORDSTOLIVEBY: When we make changes in life, we know what we leave behind but we don't know what we might get out of it, and that's one of the reasons it can be scary. Just remind yourself that it will be worth it! Regrets are for things we haven't done, not for dreams we tried to live.

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