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TINA, the road tripper

5/5 committed to her flexlife ⠀ 8/10 feels confident she’s living the lifestyle she wants everyday ⠀ 1 year and running

Born in Sweden, lives in Oslo, has traveled to 64 countries

Main interests 100% pay the bills ⠀

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Tina moved to Oslo a few months ago after she quit her job to study to be a travel consultant. Tina runs her travel blog ( fueled by her travels around the world. Her dream is to make that her full time job – traveling around the world with just her camera and her pen. And she’s getting closer every day! This summer she was invited to a project in England called @Corkscrew_thinking and she is thinking of starting up her own company together with some of the brilliant minds she met there.⠀ ⠀ Tina says, “I never thought that I would be able to live in a car (not a van – an actual car) for two months driving around Europe, visiting 11 countries.” Tina says she’s never going back to 9-5 life and wants to keep herself on the move. She is most grateful to be able to have a choice in the way she lives.⠀ She thinks the most important thing necessary in order to live this way is to not have the need to call something “home.”

“Everywhere you go – make it your home, even if it’s for just a week.”⠀⠀

When we spoke to Tina, she was most excited about her next trip which included getting married and a roadtrip (in her re-built car) in Northern Norway. AND she *just* officially tied the knot yesterday wearing a blue and white kimono and jean shorts at @landvetterairport #badass #congrats

MASTER TIP:⠀⠀ Tina says “dare to be brave – you probably will have to compromise to get what you want. But in the end, it will all be worth it!”

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