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THE ALSHAREDS, the expat family


4/5 committed to their flexlife

10/10 feel confident they are living the lifestyle they want everyday

4 months and running

Does other stuff to pay the bills

Inspired by @p_lifestyleunleashed @forever_travelers_family @trueloveperk

The Alshareds are from Canada, but they met while living abroad in the Middle East so they have a fondness for that part of the world, which took them to their current expat destination of Qatar. They love spending time together as a family having beach days, picnics, or visiting parks! Some of them love to take a book along with them, and others prefer to run around with their soccer ball.

They met and became a couple living abroad and they knew that they wanted to be able to pass these experiences on to their children. After being back in Canada for only a few years, they missed the lifestyle of living in a warmer climate and having what felt like more "free time" to spend together. They were tired of "living to work" and wanted to start working to LIVE!

On how they created their Flexlife, they shared:

“It wasn't something that happened overnight. In order for us to achieve this lifestyle we had to have jobs that would allow us to work and live abroad. It took nearly a year to research where we wanted to work and where we wanted to live with our children. We used a recruitment agency as well as just plain ol' research skills to have a good idea of where we wanted to go.”

Their home base is independent of any other family support. They live thousands of miles away from their families. But they are very thankful for technology to keep them in the loop. They live in a multicultural environment where they often see themselves as the minority. Due to this, they are able to have new and amazing cultural experiences every single day!

All of their days start with work - either traditional jobs or school for the kids. They work and go to school with people from all over the world who also find themselves living in Qatar. They all meet up at home around 3 pm in their villa in a beautiful compound. They swim in their pool every single day and the boys often ride their bikes in our neighbourhood. They eat together as a family every night before heading out to see/do something - park, movie, mall, shopping, amusement park.

When asked if they ever would go back to Canada, the Alshreds admit that for now, they are happy where they are but they think about where their kids will want to go to university/live/settle in life? Eventually, where they go will depend less on the parents and more on their kids.

The Alshareds are most proud of the home they have created here. It was really important for them to create a space that felt like home for their children. It is so comfortable and they live a lifestyle similar to being at home - except without the rain or snow. They have also been trying to recondition themselves to think about spending quality time with the family and spend less time on work. They are proud every day when they can walk away from work to truly leave it behind and not bring the stress home.

#MASTERTIPS “Whenever someone around me says they're in a rut, I tell them to consider moving abroad. It doesn't have to mean a lifetime away, but a year or two can do a lot to change your perspective on life. I have been the biggest advocate for living abroad to those around me - so talk to someone you know who has done it. I have connected with many friends of friends to share my experiences. You never know where life will take YOU!”

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