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SOFIA, the nomad + remote marketer


5/5 committed to her flexlife

9/10 feels confident she is living the lifestyle she wants everyday

1 year and running

Main interests 100% pay the bills

Inspired by @sissapagels

Sofia grew up between the countryside and in the capital of Sweden. She always felt like a chameleon trying to fit into different worlds. Now, she’s a chocolate loving nomad living out in the world doing what she loves, which is creating meaningful content.

Through her travel she focuses on “inner work” by putting herself in situations where she is forced to grow and push her personal boundaries. She funds her nomad life mainly by doing digital marketing for a start-up, which allows her a flexible schedule and means she can pretty much work from any time-zone and on her own terms.

Sofia started her flexlife by changing her mindset. She says:

“As soon as I was determined and acted as if I DESERVED it, external reactions shifted.”

Speaking practically, she reached out to over 50 companies and convinced one of them to let her work remotely.

Wherever Sofia is in the world, she always starts with googling "best café in xxx" and, that's where her day starts. Sometimes it's out in the jungle in Sri Lanka or in a cafe in southern Kazakhstan.

When asked is she’ll ever go back to a less flexible lifestyle, Sofia says:

“I've only had a 9-5 for a few months in my life and I know for sure that I'll never go back to that.”

She is thinking about creating a base so that she has somewhere to "leave" her stuff and is trying to slow her travel down a bit to really get to know the people and the culture.

Sofia is most proud of the fact that she created this herself. She says:

“There's nothing more empowering as a woman than to look back at when all of this was just a dream and realize that you are actually living it now.”
#MASTERTIPS: Convince yourself and then convince others! Act as a person who only deserves the absolute best for themselves and never settle for less.

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