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SHARON, the artist + photographer + activist


5/5 committed to his flexlife 6/10 feels confident he’s living the lifestyle he wants everyday ⠀ 8 years and running⠀ Main interests 100% pay the bills ⠀ Sharon grew up in a family that was made up of different cultures, nations, and different sets of beliefs with one golden thread between all of their stories - each of his family members felt like they didn’t fit in to the society they grew up in, so they made their own path in life.

His works deals with intimate connections between people, and he has co-founded many initiatives including Midburn (Israeli regional Burning Man event), the Midburn art program, and the Fugura art collective. His passion revolves around creating new and unconventional spaces in which the person or group receives new meaning through photography, interactive installations, or transformative events.⠀

In his photographic work, he moves from a conceptual to a documentary style and tries to create an expressive world that is free from time and place constraints and gives freedom to the alter ego created by the encounter between his subject and himself.⠀ When Sharon wakes up each morning, he’s most grateful that he has the privilege to be alive and free. He says:

“I do what I want and usually when I want to do it. It’s beautiful and challenging at the same time. But sometimes, I just wish someone would to tell me what to do.”⠀

A normal day in the life for Sharon looks like this:⠀ -Wakes up⠀ -Does some work on his computer⠀ -Works on a project at the ranch where he lives⠀ -Organizes a gathering with his community or works on an art project ⠀

Sharon is most proud of the fact that he can touch people with his art and activism work. He is currently dreaming about creating a community that lives and creates together.⠀

His advice to others is to find your passion - seek it out by trying a shitload of different things. Work with people that inspire you. And when you find “the thing,” push forward and don't look back.

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