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SHARDEL, the social media strategist + entrepreneur mom


5/5 committed to her flexlife

8/10 feels confident she is living the lifestyle she wants everyday

3 years and running

Does other stuff to pay the bills


Inspired by @mom.e.planner @_jmayo

Shardel ended up creating her flexlife after being honest with herself + figuring out who she wanted to be after becoming a wife and mother. Shardel started out as a social media freelancer. Now, she is building her own brands (on her own terms) and growing her community of moms and mompreneurs.

#MASTERTIP Write everything down. Every single idea. Literally everything.

Shardel is most proud of her family and is most grateful for the blessing to be able to work from home and pursue her own dreams.

She’s currently dreaming of cultivating a bigger community of mompreneurs. She’s excited about connecting with and supporting others like her.

When asked if she’ll ever go back to a less flexible life, she says:

“Sometimes [I consider it], when I feel panicked financially. But then I snap out of it.”
#WORDSTOLIVEBY Keep going. Don’t stop. Even on the off days.

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