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RACHAEL & SEAN, the vanlife couple


4/5 committed to their flexlife

10/10 feel confident they are living the lifestyle they want everyday

7 months and running

Both freelance while on the move

Inspired by @theindieprojects, @theitchytraveller, @dreamcapturetravel

Rachael & Sean are an English couple who are currently on the move. They’ve chosen to live in a converted minibus full time for as long as they are financially able to. They thought this was an ideal time to quit their jobs and jump into the unknown - before they think about starting a family.

Rachael & Sean live full time on the road and do freelance social media management to top up their funds. They are currently dreaming about exploring more countries and finding ways to extend their trip as long as possible.

#MASTERTIPS “Just bloody go for it. Take control of your life and do what makes you happy.”

When asked how they started their flexlife, Sean explained that from being stuck in traffic behind a van + dreaming about living on the road, they just went for it and found the right van to convert to their #homeonwheels.

They haven’t yet considered going back to a 9-5 life but they are considering branching out to America once they’ve “conquered” Europe. If the van is still running and if they can afford it, that will be their next step.

Rachael & Sean are most grateful for the opportunity to wake up in a new setting most days, some that have been ridiculously beautiful. They are really happy they decided to go for it and that they didn’t let life hold them back. It sounded like a crazy idea back then but they are so happy to be on this adventure now.

#WORDSTOLIVEBY “Ask yourself, what’s holding you back? We quit our stable jobs, left our home, saved money and went for it. You can do it too.”

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