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OSCAR, the crypto enthusiast developer + dad

5/5 committed to his flexlife ⠀ 9/10 feels confident he’s living the lifestyle he wants everyday ⠀ His main interest is development but he does other stuff to pay the bills at times. ⠀

5 years of his Flexlife and running ⠀ ⠀ Oscar is most grateful for being able to invest from lunch to 20:00 everyday with his children and he really enjoys this quality time to play and enjoy life.⠀

Oscar’s proudest creation is his children, of course!

Here’s what a day in his life currently looks like:⠀ -Wakes up, makes a coffee⠀ -Takes the kids to school⠀ -Starts working in the morning for around 4h nonstop⠀ -Picks up kids from school and stops for lunch⠀ -Spends quality time with the family until ~20:00⠀ -Works another 4h nonstop⠀ -Heads to bed

For him, flexibility is a sign of freedom. He explains:

“Not all people are productive in the same way so it's really important to know when it's your best time to work.”

Oscar feels lucky to be able to choose his clients, timelines, and build his days as he wants. Just thinking about going back to a 9-5 type job makes Oscar feel anxious, so much that he won’t really consider this. ⠀


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