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NORM & PHYLLIS, full-time RV nomad couple


4/5 committed to their flexlife ⠀ 10/10 feel confident they are living the lifestyle they want everyday ⠀ 1 year and running⠀ Do other things to pay the bills ⠀ Follow along

“How far we've come in our 40-plus years together is sometimes beyond words.”

Midwesterners, Norm and Phyllis started back in the 1970's camping in tents with their children. They thought they had it made when they got their first Pop-Up trailer! Fast forward many years to their first travel trailer in 2013 and now to their customized 2015 Dutchmen Kodiak, which helped them take the leap to being fully nomadic.⠀

By all accounts, Norm and Phyllis had cracked the code on the “American Dream.” They had a nice house, plenty of space, retired early, an RV sitting on the yard, 5 fantastic children, and 9 extremely loved grand-children.

So what was missing for them?

“Their freedom to roam”

They gave up their original dream to follow a new one - whether it was a simple extended trip to the Silver Dollar City/Branson area, the mountainous areas of the Grand Canyon, a visit to Arlington National Cemetery, or to see the brown bears in Alaska, they were ready.

They chose a timeframe of 3 years, and they came within one month of that original⠀ estimate. It took this long because over their 40 year marriage they accumulated a lot of ‘STUFFʼ. After a lot of hard work and giving tons of stuff away they downsized from their original dream house to their new nomad-mobile.

Norm and Phyllis are most grateful that they are together, and that they get to see new and exciting things and places when they open the blinds each and every morning.⠀

Norm says, “We're not on a permanent vacation. We have a daily schedule and budget we try to keep! RV living is not all glamour, sparkles, and adventure. Most times, it's doing the daily chores, repairing something on the RV, doing 2 weeks of laundry, or running to the store for groceries. And then there are a couple of days left for adventures.״

MASTER TIP: ⠀ Remember not everyone will share your enthusiasm, or approve of your dream. Don't let others influence your dream or make it disappear. Keep that dream right in front of you and remember, you are the only one this dream is for. #lifegoals

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