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NURIA, the digital marketer + nomad


5/5 committed to her flexlife ⠀ 8/10 feels confident she’s living the lifestyle she wants everyday ⠀ 10 months and running⠀ From Barcelona, Lived in Belgium and Istanbul. Doesn’t identify with any specific culture.⠀ Does other stuff to pay the bills ⠀ Follow along

Núria is currently traveling as a “non-fancy digital nomad.” She’s remotely offering Digital Marketing Services like Web Design, content creation, SEM, SEO and PR. She has spent the past 8 months in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. She is currently moving between places quite fast, staying in local (and cheap) spots, eating at local restaurants and traveling on public transportation most of the time.⠀

Núria jumped into digital nomadism after she finished her MA degree and got her first client while living in Istanbul. Once she decided to leave the city to travel around Asia, her client decided to keep working remotely with her which allowed her to completely change her lifestyle. She says:

“I can say it was something I always wanted to do and it came to me by chance.”⠀

Núria’s lifestyle is quite unique because she doesn’t work every day; there are weeks where she works a lot, others when she chills most of the time. She adapts her travels to her work and her work to her travels.

A day in Núria’s life looks like this: ⠀ Wake up, meditation, yoga (if she has space and mat), completes client work or works on personal projects, eats some local food, chills with friends or discovers stuff in the area. The next day after that might be spent with 10 hours on a bus/ train or exploring on a safari or surfing all morning + beach and beers in the evening. Every day is different.

Núria is most grateful for being able to live the life she always wanted: She has a job she likes and can (more or less) choose where to stay at any moment. She has a lot of friends around the world and has met other amazing people, for all these things she feels very grateful.⠀

Núria would like to keep moving around and extending her travels as long as she has energy for it. She wants to discover more countries but she is considering traveling a little bit slower in order to avoid exhaustion.⠀

MASTER TIPS⠀ 1. Go for it! Don't be scared! There will be hard moments, but everything will work out if you have the energy to address it and you keep building your skills.⠀ 2. Don't take anyone's advice too seriously. No one but yourself can know what is best for you; take the time to listen to yourself to discover what you really want and then find a way to achieve it.

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