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MARGAUX & JULIEN, the alternative, slow and ecological travelers

@serialhikers + @alternativenomads

3/5 committed to their flexlife

8/10 feel confident they are living the lifestyle they want everyday

3 years and running

Do other stuff to pay the bills

Inspired by @lemondesurlepouce @mirovaya_n

Margaux & Julien are driven by ecology, adventure, learning about new cultures.

They have been traveling full-time since 2016 without any flights - only by hitchhiking, land travel and sailing. They are avid couchsurfers, campers, and volunteers.

They are most grateful for having the opportunity to live a life of adventure that they will always remember.

Margaux & Julien are most proud of the fact that they have a much lower negative impact on the environment than they had before and also compared to other travellers. They are excited to promote this low carbon-type of travel to inspire others to make changes for the sake of our world. 🌍

#WORDSTOLIVEBY Forget your fears, most people in the world are good no matter their country or religion

Margaux & Julien think they will go back to their country and family at some point, to settle down and work, but they think they will go back on the road later! ✨

#MASTERTIP #staygrounded Avoid taking flights as much as you can. Travel slow and you will have a much better experience because you will meet more locals and experience more remote areas

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