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LYDIA, the freelance writer + digital nomad


4/5 committed to her flexlife

10/10 feels confident she is living the lifestyle she wants everyday

8 months and running

Main interests 100% pay the bills

Grew up outside Toronto

Inspired by @reroutelifestyle @jennyisfree @adventuresaroundasia

Lydia is a Digital Nomad slowly travelling through Asia. She’s originally from outside Toronto and has a Polish family background which she also identifies with. She works as a Freelance Travel Writer and Editor mostly with Skyscanner Canada and a few other publications. She’s location independent and working a nearly full-time job, but with no set working hours.

Lydia is proud of creating an authentic lifestyle that makes sense for her at this moment in time. She’s intentionally cultivating a life that combines travel, adventure, passion, friendship and love.

When asked about going back to her previous life, she says:

“Certainly! I wouldn't say this is forever - but I definitely feel like I'm currently thriving in this lifestyle.”

Lydia says, “This lifestyle did not start just from creating it one day. It slowly developed over time but I would say it originally started from being curious and then taking some initiative and asking questions.”

#WORDSTOLIVEBY Just chase really whatever gives you purpose, meaning and love. Don't feel like you have to fit into any mould.

Lydia is most grateful for an able body, financial security and independence, a job that develops her passion and skills, new people who give her so much love and kindness, and a curious mind.

#MASTERTIP To get started, find something you have a passion for and some skillset in - then join communities, join social media groups, ask questions and take initiative!

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