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LAUREN, the remote contractor


3/5 committed to her flexlife

7/10 feels confident she is living the lifestyle she wants everyday

10 months and running

Does other stuff to pay the bills

Inspired by @christabellatravels @kimcrossesborders @aggie

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Lauren currently works remotely as a contractor - she travels periodically but also works from her home in LA. She says:

“I have a dog and a long term boyfriend, so I can't be gone for months on end. But I probably travel around 25% of the time.”

This year she spent 1 month in Europe, 2.5 weeks in Central America, 4 weeks in Asia, 3 weeks in Africa. #globetrotter

Lauren works from hotels or coworking spaces while traveling, and she still maintains US business hours, for the most part wherever she is.

She is drawn to Southeast Asia + Indian culture and she loves hiking, beautiful beaches, and meeting people from all over the world.

She kicked off her flexlife by nurturing her relationship with an important client who trusted her and wanted to bring her on to continue working with them even after the company she worked for went under. This client is based in San Francisco, so working remotely was always going to be the case. Lauren says:

“I have never let my traveling interrupt business. Even if I'm on a different time zone, I log on at normal US business hours to do work. I have a Google Pixel phone that I have Google Fi activated on then I can also insert a local SIM card. This allows me to toggle between whatever works best and make sure I'm always connected and reachable. I work hard, I don't drop the ball just because I'm in a different country (or treat it like I'm on vacation). My clients don’t feel the effects of my lifestyle at all.”

Lauren is happy with her current setup. She thinks she may change work directions at some point since she’s always been someone who dabbles in a lot of different things. But she likes her work setup of working from my living room or abroad and she hated going into an office.

She is most grateful for not having to waste 2 hours driving to/from an office + not having a loud & distracting office environment.

Lauren is currently trying to figure out what 2020 will look like for her (and her travel schedule). She started a travel instagram that she is enjoying working on and growing.

#MASTERTIPS: Set your eyes on the goal and don't let go!

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