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KARIN, the content producer + digital nomad + vanlifer


5/5 committed to her flexlife ⠀ 10/10 feels confident she’s living the lifestyle she wants everyday ⠀ 2 years and running⠀ Does other stuff to pay the bills ⠀ Follow along⠀ ⠀ Karin is from the Netherlands and is currently traveling Europe. She is mostly interested in learning new things and she feels at home anywhere with air, trees and water. ⠀ Karin and her boyfriend have been living as digital nomads for two years. Last year they traveled through Thailand, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka (with some visa hops to Kuala Lumpur) and they lived on the beautiful Island of Lombok for four months. They got back to the Netherlands in January and bought a van, named it Hulk and are driving around Europe now, currently in Spain. ⠀ Karin got started by setting up a base for her work before taking off on her journey. She believes it’s essential to already have clients before you hit the road.

Karin tries to eat breakfast outside everyday and then she starts working. Depending on the time difference with clients she either works in the morning and does fun stuff in the afternoon/evening, or the opposite. Breaks mostly consist of a dive in the pool or ocean. Karin and her BF usually do the tourist-y things around twice a week.⠀

Most of her work with clients is done through Skype or mail. There is a time difference so sometimes she needs to work even if all the other people around her are going on a fun tour or are going out for cocktails. She says,

“There is no boss. There is no alarm clock. You need to be disciplined but also don't forget to have some fun. Do what you love and it will never feel like work.”

When Karin wakes up in the morning she is most grateful for *sunshine*☀️⠀ ⠀ When she tells people about her lifestyle, they say, “it's awesome you are actually doing this,” but no worries, Karin is not going back to life in one place. ⠀

She is most proud of earning money under her own conditions and having the time to actually LIVE! Next, she is dreaming about finding a piece of land to buy and starting a campsite or community area for backpackers and travelers to chill.⠀

MASTER TIPS:⠀ #1: Start your lifestyle before you hit the road.⠀ #2: Loneliness can be a bitch. Think about this before you start, especially when you are a solo nomad.

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