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JUHA, the web developer + avid traveler

@nomadcouch *

4/5 committed to his flexlife

8/10 feels confident he is living the lifestyle he wants everyday

18 years and running

Main interests pay the bills

Inspired by @corbettbarr @joelgascoigne @patflynn

Juha has been a professional web developer since 2001. This career path has enabled him to experiment with the many different ways he can go about his craft. He’s tried freelancing, founding a startup, working for several software companies in 9-5 and remote roles and more. Throughout his career, he has chosen the work type that was the best for his given life situation at any point.

Juha got started on this path by playing with computers as a hobby -> studying computer sciences -> getting a software development job -> trying out different roles and types of working styles along the way.

His current gig has him working rather flexible hours - some days he works from the company office, some days from home (or from the road, if he’s travelling).

Juha is currently dreaming about buying a house with his wife, doing some more travelling (which is always on the list) and redesigning his personal website.

If you are interested in becoming a web developer or designer, Juha’s advice is to learn the ropes by being curious and experimenting by building different things. He says:

“Find a mentor and/or join a group of people who share similar life goals. Try out different ways of working (9-5, freelancing, startups) and you'll eventually learn what works best for you.”

#WORDSTOLIVEBY Draw your own road map to the place you want to go and follow it. Often times, we get lost in following (or trying to copy) someone else's life path, because that's what we think we want. Take inspiration from others but then go and carve your own path! You alone know what that looks like for you.

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