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HALLE, the road tripper + nomadic freelance writer

@halleswanderingsoul *

5/5 committed to her flexlife

8/10 feels confident she is living the lifestyle she wants everyday

7 months and running

Does other stuff to pay the bills

Inspired by @adventures_in_huck_phinn, @eh.mon, @thematneys

Halle is currently what most people would call a nomad. She started this summer with the goal of roadtripping the 48 connected states for 3 months while living in her Kia Soul but she completely fell in love with the nomadic lifestyle and is still nomading around. She currently works freelance writing jobs online to keep her on the road because she feels a 9-5 lifestyle doesn’t work for her restless self. She’s constantly seeking the next adventure and doing whatever she can to get herself there!

Halle graduated college back in June and 3 days after she walked across the stage, she hit the road.

Halle maintains her flexlife with “lots of planning and being on top of my s***.” She started freelancing when she was still in University, which meant that she already had a couple jobs completed before she was thrown into the real world of not-a-student-anymore. Other than that, being on the road means a lot of planning, but also a lot of going with the flow when that plan fails (and it will fail from time to time).

#MASTERTIPS: Find a skill you have that’s marketable online! Everything is based in technology now, and it’s easier than ever to make a living on the internet. Don’t be afraid to not work in a traditional job, that’s not how the world has to work anymore.

A day in the life for Halle looks like this:

  • Her days starts between 5:30 and 6:30 am depending on sunrise.

  • Throws some breakfast together on the camp stove and hits the road almost right away, sometimes before the sun is fully up.

  • Days usually consist of about 4-5 hours of driving if it’s a travel day, so she will end up in her destination around noon where I’ll try to figure out a good spot where she can sleep that night (in the bed she built in the back of the car).

  • Next comes lunch, or maybe going on a hike, doing some yoga, or whatever seems fitting before dinner time and sunset!

#THINGSPEOPLESAY: “That’s not safe!” “You’re so brave!”

Although she’s a solo female roadtripper and nomad, Halle remarks:

“I don’t quite feel brave, I just feel like I do things other people won’t typically do, especially alone.”

Halle is most proud that she did it this to begin with and that she reached her goal of reaching 48 contiguous states - upon completing this trip she felt like she conquered the world.

When asked if she’d ever go back to a less flexlible lifestyle Halle says:

“Absolutely not! I think I’d be pretty unhappy working a 9-5 type job based on how school affected me. I’m not a person who works well with a set structure, so I love working online because I can work whenever I want as long as I get everything done on time!”

Now she’s dreaming about buying a campervan so she can keep going. She says, “I love my little Kia Soul tiny home, but it starts to feel cramped after 3 months. So I’m excited to have a place with an actual bed, fridge, sink, and maybe even a toilet for my next big adventure after this breather I’m taking in my hometown!”

#WORDSTOLIVEBY: There’s a lot of lessons the road can teach us: go with the flow, situations will make us uncomfortable, the world is wonderful and huge, etc... but the most important thing is to be spontaneous with it, and that doesn’t just mean travel. You aren’t stuck in a schedule all the time. You can go to a different place for lunch, or take the long way home. Just making those little changes to the order of your life will feel so freeing. And if you’re thinking about full time travel, the most important thing is to just pack up one day and go, life always figures itself out.

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