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ESTEEL, the fitness trainer + influencer


5/5 committed to her flexlife 10/10 feel confident she’s living the lifestyle she wants everyday 3 years and running Main interests 100% pay the bills

Esteel opened her own online health and fitness business. She gets paid to share her journey on social media and to inspire others to get started in their own journeys. She helps her clients get started with the tools they need to crush their goals and she’s there to hold them accountable every step of the way. ⠀ Esteel’s flexlife is filled with sharing her health and fitness journey, to become a healthier and happier version of herself while inspiring others to do the same. She works from anywhere with wifi, which allows her to travel more while she builds her financial freedom.

Esteel wakes up when she wants, does her self love rituals, plans out her day, gets her most important tasks done, checks in with her clients and the team of influencers she mentors, responds to emails and messages, works out, takes dance breaks, books appointments whenever she wants/needs, hops on training video chats with new influencers, wraps up her day as soon as she gets everything done, and spends rest of day doing the things she loves.

Esteel is constantly pushing herself to the next level. She’s currently dreaming of being completely debt free by September of this year and closing on a winter home in Mexico to spend the winters at!

MASTER TIP: Esteel went the route of getting sponsored so she could have a little more time and flexibility when it comes to program creation.

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