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CECILE, the remote worker + digital nomad


5/5 committed to her flexlife

10/10 feels confident she is living the lifestyle she wants everyday

1 year and running

Works as she travels

Inspired by @touristtolocal @aliciamariebriggs @isitrachelle

Cecile is a digital nomad and content creator who works for a travel startup out of Denver called Pana - they handle corporate travel bookings, amendments, and customer service for hundreds of companies around the world.

She works 6 hours a day, 4 days a week, which allows her time to explore each new place while still paying her bills. Before she got her remote job, she was working seasonally in the spring, summer, and fall to save money, then traveling in the winter. Now, she is a digital nomad all year round.

Cecile feels very lucky to be able to work from anywhere with a wifi connection. Her company is also very happy to help their agents switch time zones if they decide they want to work somewhere else in the world. So, she can truly live and work anywhere.

Cecile says she never thinks about going back to a less flexible life. She is very happy doing what she does. She loves working for a company rather than freelancing because she is able to completely shut off work when she’s off the clock, plus it adds a little extra security. She says:

“I’m sure in the future I will do something else, but I never foresee myself working a job that is not location independent.”

Cecile is most grateful for the ability to wake up anywhere. She explains:

“I have fallen in love with so many places on this earth and am so grateful to have the flexibility to spend lots of quality time in each place.”

She’s dreaming of traveling to every US state. She has a pretty cool sleeping set-up in her Ford C-Max, so she would love to hit the road and see her home country.

#MASTERTIPS “We all have skills that can translate to remote work. Web design, writing, video editing, translation, teaching, customer service, the list goes on and on. Find what you love or what inspires you, and put in the work to make that possible.

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