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CASSIE and JOSH, the vanlife couple

4/5 committed to their flexlife

8/10 feel confident they are living the lifestyle they want everyday

1.5 years total

Do other things to pay the bills

Inspired by @letsbe_us, @thedangerz, @mortonsonthemove

Cassie and Josh both quit their full-time jobs in San Francisco, sold all their stuff and hit the road. They are now full-time vanlifers, traveling across North America in their 4x4 professionally converted Sprinter Van.


Back in 2016, they travelled around the north island of New Zealand in a Sprinter for 10 days. After that, they couldn’t stop talking about their “vanlife” - always saying:

“When we have that van, we’ll be able to go anywhere and everywhere.”

They were hooked on the idea but weren't quite ready to say bye to their jobs, apartment, friends, and life in San Francisco. Eventually, the stress and pressure of working in Silicon Valley became too much and they thought, why the heck not?!? So they made their vanlife a reality.

Currently they don’t work and they are living off their savings. In the past year and half, they have travelled close to 80,000 km across North America. When they are not driving, they spend their days doing what they love - hiking, fishing, hot spring hopping, and fermenting.


Cassie and Josh start every morning with breakfast of scrambled eggs, avocado toast and coffee - unless it’s Sunday, then it’s sourdough pancake day! Between getting ready, making up the bed and breakfast, their morning “routine” usually takes about an hour and half. After breakfast, they usually hop in the front seats and start driving (Josh always drives). Then they just drive to wherever they had planned - it might be a National Park, hike trailhead, a fishing hole, a hot spring, or a town/city they had hoped to get to that day.

When asked if they ever think of going back, they explain that their travels in their van already winded down at the end of 2019 after 1.5 years. They were craving the comforts of a stationary home and are looking forward to spending time with their family and friends.... but their travels and adventures are by no means done!

They are most proud that that they did something unexpected and out of the ordinary. That they were able to save enough money to drive all the roads and see all the places!

#MASTERTIPS: Don’t be afraid to make it happen. Sit down and evaluate the things that are holding you back from doing what you want and brainstorm strategies to get around them.

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