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CARLOS, the remote-working digital nomad


4/5 committed to his flexlife

10/10 feels confident he is living the lifestyle he wants everyday

2 years and running

Does other stuff to pay the bills

Inspired by @kasedna_travel @sallavallo

Carlos is from Caracas, Venezuela. He moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2011 and he still lives there. He loves Asian culture and spent 2 years traveling around Indonesia, Malaysia, and India.

Carlos works a remote sales job, that allows him to work anywhere while he travels. He escaped from his corporate job 2 years ago and he says it was the best decision he ever made. After leaving his job he discovered the Nomad lifestyle and it became a perfect fit for him.

To launch his flexlife, he did a lot of research, met many other digital nomads and they helped encourage him to create his own flexible lifestyle.

Carlos is most grateful for not having to wake up with an alarm! He completely manages his own work schedule.

Carlos is currently working on a professional project that will allow him to continue with this lifestyle.

#WORDSTOLIVEBY Just give it a try - take your chances, you can always go back if you have to!

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