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ADIL, the yogi + nomad surfer


5/5 committed to his flexlife ⠀ 10/10 feel confident he’s living the lifestyle he wants everyday ⠀ 15 years and running⠀ Raised in Morocco, based in Germany⠀ He mainly loves surfing and yoga but he does other stuff to pay the bills

Adil travels around the world to chase waves. He’s currently on a long adventure from France to South Africa by car.⠀

He is a devoted yogi, practicing Ashtanga Yoga every day. He wakes up at 5AM to practice. His next surf trip is always set and scheduled within 1-2 months, so he knows when he’ll be back out there experiencing the world and the waves. ⠀

Adil is most proud of his family and being able to create financial security while being on the move.

He’s most excited about getting barreled by some huge waves on his next surfing adventure...⠀

Adil’s advice:

Execute your dream, whatever it takes. Just don’t cut yourself short by stopping before you get there.

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