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Tips + Tricks for creating your Flexlife

Feed your Flexlife

Flexlife strategy session

  1. Convince yourself first, convince others later 

  2. Once you know this is the life you deserve/need, change your mindset and behavior to make it a top priority. Everyone has something they are committed to - make keeping your lifestyle flexible what you are committed to.

  3. Strategize financially about how to set up your year 

  4. Find service providers that make it easier for you to keep your flexlife going - think free accommodations, flight deals, coaches, emotional support, communities

  5. Stay on the lookout for jobs/freelance gigs/communities that can help you keep work coming in, even when you are on the move

  6. Be proactive and put yourself out there - this is the only way to keep those opportunities coming in. When you see something relevant, immediately reach out or file it somewhere that you will get back to.

  7. Challenge yourself to explore more, meet more people, or expand your mindset in each new place you find yourself

  8. Let pattern interruption happen - this is part of the fun of having a flexlife. 

We'd love to help you create your flexlife by strategizing with you about how you can set it up, launch, and keep it moving. Write to us at flexlifers (@) to schedule a free 30-minute strategy session

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